Since its foundation in 1992, World Post has undertaken studies in technology, qualification, research and productivity. The new warehouse has a built area of ​​15,000 m² out of a total area of ​​52,000 m², and is located in Santana de Parnaiba, at km 41 of Rodovia Castelo Branco, Avenida Charles Goodyear, 65 – Distrito Industrial Cururuquara.

Well known in the packaging sector, World Post is an Industry focused on the manufacture of special packaging and high security envelopes.

Driven by its commercial expansion, World Post acts prominently with innovation, conforming to its production line and services a wide variety of new materials, thus serving the most varied market segments.

Recognized for the excellence and quality of its products and services, it conquers space in the domestic market and prospects the foreign market.

We have a qualified team to serve all customers, produce with quality, speed and competitive prices. Oriented to expand the market through competence, credibility, security and agility.





Develop, produce and commercialize products with high technology and safety, improving its technical quality according to the market demand, exceeding the expectations of our customers, thereby providing a custom and quality service with added value.

Expand our production, believing that the relationship with our customers, partners and employees must always be open, transparent and ethical.

Perform research, development and technological support activities in the packaging sector.

Contribute to the sustainable development of society.


Be one of the biggest and best companies in the segment, being recognized by its customers and partners for the quality of products and services.

To this end, we preserve relationships, value knowledge and seek constant evolution in technology and service, maintaining an ecologically sustainable business and providing results for continuous growth.


Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Teamwork, Transparency and Result.

Latin American Quality Institute Certificate

For the second year in a row, World Post wins the “Brazilian Company of the Year” award by the Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI).

This recognizes our outstanding management, fitting us into the theme proposed for the year 2021, which is Recovering with Excellence – Total Quality, Sustainability and Compliance.

The achievement of this new award is a source of great pride for us, because throughout these 29 years of existence, World Post has been striving for excellence in always doing the right thing for our customers and for our planet.

We remain firm in this purpose, investing more and more in new products and services, which always meet the needs of our customers, allowing us to maintain our position as the biggest company in Latin America in our segment.

We mention our employees, suppliers and partners, since without the participation and contribution of all of them, it would not be possible to achieve our goals, with greater resilience and success.

In times of post-Global pandemic recovery, World Post remains solidly serving its customers, as our segment is classified as essential, making itself even more present in the daily lives of the population.

Let’s go together for another year of overcoming and achievements, after all, TOGETHER WE WILL ALWAYS BE STRONGER.

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