About Us

Since our foundation in 1992, we have been investing in technology, qualification, research and productive expansion. Our headquarters is located in Barueri – SP, we have a modern facility and a built area of 8,300 m², on a 15,000 m² plot.

Well known in the packaging sector, World Post is an Industry focused on manufacturing special packages and high security mailers.

Driven by its commercial expansion, World Post acts prominently with innovation, conforming to its production line and services a wide variety of new materials, thus serving the most varied market segments.

Recognized for the excellence and quality of its products and services, it conquers space in the domestic market and prospects the foreign market.

We have a qualified team to serve all customers, quality, speed and competitive prices. Oriented to expand the market through competence, credibility, security and agility.



Why Worldpost?


Develop, produce and commercialize products with high technology and safety, improving its technical quality according to the market demand, exceeding the expectations of our customers, thereby providing a custom and quality service with added value. Expand our production, believing that the relationship with our customers, partners and employees must always be open, transparent and ethical. Perform research, development and technological support activities in the packaging sector. Contribute to the sustainable development of society.


Be one of the largest and best companies in the segment, being recognized by its customers and partners for the quality of products and services.

To this end, we preserve relationships, value knowledge and seek constant evolution in technology and service, maintaining an ecologically sustainable business and providing results for continuous growth.


Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Teamwork, Transparency and Result.

Certificate Latin American Quality Institute

Today, we observe and admire companies that are aware of the role they play in the business world and, also, of the responsibility they support in generating opportunities for the development of a healthy and ethical society. WORLD POST, in addition to carrying out actions that seek to reinforce quality in each of its processes and interest groups, continues to align and update itself with new global business trends.

In this sense, the Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) highlights the important management carried out by WORLD POST, in a new edition of the Brazil Quality Summit, where it will be recognized with the “Brazilian Company of the Year 2020 Award”, for its outstanding business activity and for commitment to conform to our LAEM Model of Excellence.

In this context, we will develop our “2020 Challenge: Commitment to Excellence, Total Quality, Social Impact and Compliance, aligned with the SDGs”, a challenge that will set the agenda for companies to seek a better world by 2030, triggering their management 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the UN.

“Currently, to reach the level of Total Business Quality, companies must establish triple impact objectives (Economic-social-environmental). With this premise, we will enable each business leader in our network to apply responsible management that impacts on society and contributes, at the same time, to reach the global objective proposed by the UN for 2030 ”, emphasizes LAQI CEO & Founder, Daniel Maximilian da Costa, DHC.

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