Security Bags

Our bags feature a flap with hot melt adhesive tape for permanent closure, making any tampering attempt obvious. The material is fully customizable (printed) with regard to colors, sizes and levels of closure.


Its practicality is a highlight, thanks to its 3 adhesive strips with high glue power, the envelope adheres to any surface and remains fixed even with adverse conditions of transport and temperatures. Widely used to store invoices, bill of lading, invoices and identification documents.

Air Pillow

The most modern protection system through air cushions, they absorb with excellence the impacts resulting from transport, supporting up to 30kg of pressure.

Adhesive Tape


World Post’s Adhesive Tapes are strong, secure and ideal for closing boxes and packages.

The Adhesive Tape sticks with high fixing power to various surfaces with resin and synthetic rubber-based adhesive, it is resistant and durable.

Produced in Bi-Oriented Polypropylene, its purpose is to provide an easy unwinding without harming its adhesive system.